Steve Murray's Hollywood Fairytale Movie Posters are Dark and Gritty

 - Mar 15, 2011
References: stevetastic & arts.nationalpost
Columnist/cartoonist Steve Murray has done Hollywood a favor with his mock Hollywood fairytale movie posters. The posters were created to poke fun at Hollywood's seemingly inexhaustible ability to create movie after movie based solely upon children's fairytales and short stories.

The latest of those movies, Red Riding Hood, opens this weekend, which I believe served as inspiration for Murray's Hollywood fairytale movie posters. Murray targets timeless tales like The Gingerbread Man and Humpty Dumpty, giving them a serious makeover that only Hollywood could dream up.

I would personally love to see Jason Statham starring in a gritty version of Peanuts. Lucy would finally get what was coming to her and Charlie Brown would become the loose cannon badass I always knew he could be.