- Jul 19, 2013
The 2013 Comic-Con celebrates our culture's widespread love for cloaked crusaders and advertisers have taken note of our superhero obsession. Ad agencies exploit the mythology built around masked vigilantes to promote unrelated products. Campaigns such as superhero shaving commercials and fast food searchlights mix in comic book heroes to brand products as heroic. This list contains print ads and interactive campaigns that incorporate superheroes and comic book themes.

In an effort to piggyback off blockbuster superhero films, advertisers have created ads that accompany film releases. The recent production of films that incorporate characters such as Batman, Ironman and Superman have inspired appropriately themed campaigns. Promotions like villain-digesting ads and superhero fast food ads incorporate Batman while campaigns like superhero shaving commercials piggyback off the commercial success of Superman.

Superhuman Scarevertising and More in Time for 2013 Comic-Con: