Bill Nye Explains How Superman Shaves in This Gillette Commercial

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: youtube & adweek
The new Gillette commercial series asks a group of celebrity science experts how they think Superman shaves. This particular ad features Bill Nye the Science Guy, the star of an educational TV show from the 90s that explored how different things functioned.

In the commercial, Bill Nye explains that his theory is one of "material science." He decides that, since Superman has perfectly smooth skin, he must grind his beard. By grinding it, the Man of Steel ensures that he doesn't damage his baby-smooth skin.

The commercial series is a brilliant marketing move. To get people interested in Gillette razors, the company has put not just one familiar face to its brand, but several. Other celebrities asked about Superman's shaving regime include Kevin Smith and the Mythbusters duo. Twitter users can even vote on whose theory they enjoy the most, transforming this video campaign into an interactive competition.