The Avengers Infographic Show the Fighters' Change in Style

 - May 19, 2012
References: costumediscounters & infographicsite
This comic-inspired Avengers infographic called 'The Evolution of The Avengers' and reveals the changing costumes of each character.

Created by Costume Discounters, this infographic shows retro-styled Marvel characters from the past and compares it to the modern day looks. The hammer and red cape has always been a part of Thor's attire, but he once had a viking horn helmet. Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor looks dashing but the horns can stay out of the picture; his gold locks are perfectly fine.

The one Avengers character whose costume evolved the most is Hawkeye. He went from a retro colorful ninja to a modern day Matrix hit man. This Avengers infographic depicts all the modern day characters as sleek and sassy fighters, except for Hulk who's notorious for his raging green skin and tight purple shorts.