EduartBoudewijn Turns the Female Characters into Objects

EduartBoudewijn has created some of the most hilarious renditions of a few Disney princesses that you will ever come across. EduartBoudewijn has made these images so entertaining by literally transforming these fictional female characters into objects.

Some unique EduartBoudewijn works include Belle from Beauty and the Beast re-imagined as a bathtub and a grand piano, Jane from Tarzan as a tent, and Aladdin's Jasmine in the form of a tree. EduartBoudewijn's imagination must be out of this world if this is how he sees these classic Disney characters.

There are a few of EduartBoudewijn's object princesses that make perfect sense though. Sleeping Beauty is a bed and Cinderella becomes a glass slipper, however, Snow White as a vacuum cleaner is rather confusing.