From Dismembered Chocolate Treats to Brainiac Candies

 - Oct 3, 2011
The spooky season is fast approaching, so bakers must start looking for the best recipes for preparing creepy Halloween confections. This is the perfect time to be creative and invite friends to feast on some of the most delicious treats. Scary cupcakes, spooky sweets, gruesome cakes and morbid chocolate are some of the ingredients to frighten all guests.

The more red food coloring and anatomical designs included in your menu, the creepier the treats will taste. Hearts, brains, eyes, bones and limbs should be the main body parts of the food list. Thanks to the high consumer demand for candies during Halloween, the vast selection of creations and sweet combinations is simply infinite, making this the perfect time to please one's sweet tooth.

During Halloween, make sure that stomach-churning desserts and creepy-crawly snackies be the main choice of your meals. This gallery contains some of the most bloody and bizarre treats to ever be cooked, so why not check them out to get your freak on and start cooking some creepy Halloween confections.