Embrace Your Inner Zombie with the Giant Gummy Brain

 - Sep 20, 2011
References: firebox & cakeheadlovesevil.wordpress
Indulge in a cranial treat fit for a zombie with the Giant Gummy Brain. Weighing in at an overwhelming 3 kilograms, this gargantuan life-sized replica is a gummy delicacy of mammoth proportions. The wiggly-jiggly creation is a perfect addition to any Halloween party or Zombie-loving convention, as this spooky brain will surely be the talk of the party.

Take a bite out of this brain and be pleasantly surprised with a wonderful fruity bubble gum flavor that surely tastes better than the real deal. If only brains tasted as good as the Giant Gummy Brain, then we may be a little more understanding of zombies and their admiration for this fruity treat. Dive into this odd delicacy that will turn anyone into a mindless zombie on the hunt for a tasty brain to feast on.