Rice Krispies Edible Art

 - May 31, 2008
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If you've ever lived in North America, chances are, you've had Rice Krispies . The puffed rice is equally well known for its gooey dessert counterpart, Rice Crispy Squares, as it is for its snap, crack and popping effects when eaten as traditional cereal. While the treat has been popular for decades, Kellogg's continues to promote the easy DIY desserts, from printing the traditional recipe on their boxes to seriously revamping them online.

The gallery shows some of the really creative edible art ideas from the Rice Krispies site. Among them are ultra-nerdy remote controls, manicured fingers, fall leaves and a creepy caterpillar.

My favourite is the pizza, which only takes 10 minutes to work! Strawberry jam simulates the tomato paste base, yellow frosting looks like cheese and the salami rounds are made of Fruit Roll Up fruit snacks.