- Aug 29, 2011
While baking was once considered to be a female-only world, with so many desserts for dudes popping up on the scene gone are the days when guys shied away from the kitchen. Now is a great time for men to pick up their blue aprons and try out some manly dessert recipes that can incorporate their favourite meaty ingredients.

As opposed to focusing on boring recipes, these desserts for dudes opt for ingredients like bacon, peas and even baby back ribs. This combination of sweet and savory has many men excited about trying out their hands at baking, so ladies it's time to let your man take a turn in the kitchen!

Implications - The juxtaposition between sweet and savory continues to be one of the easiest ways to appeal to male consumers. With the presence of metrosexual males increasing within modern society, companies should be considerate of many men's decision to try out products that were once considered feminine.

From Honey Baked Ham Cupcakes to Pulled Pork Parfaits: