From Cereal Sculptures to Sweet Easter Sushi

 - Jun 27, 2013
Few people can resist the crunchy cereal when it's used to make desserts and these Rice Krispies recipes are sure to delight children (and children-at-heart) of all ages. Rice Krispies are a staple amongst many households around the world as a go-to breakfast food that has been trusted for decades.

Although the exact date of when and where the first Rice Krispies square was made is unknown, these Rice Krispies recipes will help you to update the classic dessert to suit a more refined palate. There is a seemingly endless number of ways to use the malleable Rice Krispie and marshmallow concoction into fun shapes and styles.

So, which of these Rice Krispies recipes is your fave? Give each a try before making your final decision.