Sweet Treats, From Luxury Cognac Cupcakes to Sushi Cupcakes

 - Mar 27, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
It's lunch time, which means it's time for some cool cupcakes. I usually try to eat right, but how can I resist a Lady Gaga cupcake?

Throw away your broccoli and carrots and join me in my binging! All I need is a glass of milk and some cool cupcakes. 75, to be exact. I can already feel the sugar rush coming on.

Implications - This collection of cupcakes is so extravagant and creative that simply clicking through the photos will feel as if you're biting into one of them. Whether you're craving a political figure-inspired cupcake or sushi cupcakes, this collection of 75 cool cupcakes definitely has something to satisfy your sweet tooth.