From the Kool-Aid Man to Crappy Cupcakes

 - Feb 19, 2010   Updated: Aug 23 2011
References: blogs.westword
These fatty food tattoos are not exactly Weight Watchers-friendly. Ranging from an array of diabetes-causing muses (such as hot dogs, cupcakes and Popeyes), these people sure do have an eclectic sense of what constitutes as body art.

Personally, out of all of these fatty food tattoos I enjoy the belly button hot dog tattoo. Why? Because it's all about location, location, location (and it happens to be hilariously located on a super hairy gut).

Implications - Although tattoos were once considered a part of subculture, consumers are now appreciating this graphic skin art as part of the mainstream. More consumers are glamorizing tattoo graphic art and businesses should be wise and consider using subculture images to market their products and brand.