These Vivid Styles are Quirky and Eccentric

 - Apr 12, 2012
No longer solely designated to clowns, circus-inspired fashion is regaining popularity with the high fashion crowd. Used as an inspiration for designers and street fashionistas, these theatrical ensembles always make a style statement.

From sombre clown captures and racy circus spreads, to retro carnival couture, these fiercely fun editorials, alluring ad campaigns and ravishing runways embrace life’s many eccentricities.

Whether showcased through vivid cosmetic applications, freaky art direction or ringmaster-ready garments, these circus-inspired fashions are making a strong comeback. Surreal and bizarre, the flamboyant style features are raw and fearless, exuding personality and a childlike sense of whimsy that is known for endorsing and flaunting the bold and outlandish.