From Cozy Beige Sweater Dresses to Pompom Leggings

 - Oct 23, 2011
Maybe it’s the warm fabric or the big sized clothing, but either way there is nothing more cozy than throwing on chunky winter wears during the chillier seasons. These over-sized pieces keep you protected from the chilly winds while enchaining every winter style. With a wide range of colors and patters, these cold-weather ensembles are the ultimate fashion additions.

Knit wear is comfy and stylish, and there is an option for every occasion. Long sweater dresses like the ones from the H&M Winter Collection or the Spratters & Jayne ultra-chunky scarves are must-have items. For males, sumptuous cardigans and chubby coats are the perfect winter apparel to beat icy temperatures. Also, thick layered styles give you the option to combine a variety of pieces, in case you can’t make up your mind about wearing just one.  

There’s no need to stay indoors during these freezing months as these chunky winter wears will keep you warm.