Cooperativedesigns is Making Knitwear Hot

Knitwear is making a comeback, and designers like Cooperativedesigns are making that happen.

The weather for me seems is foul; it´s cold and gray. My wait for summer seems to become an endless tragedy. At least, Annalisa Dunn and Dorothee Hagemann, two young designers that are the heads behind cooperativedesigns, make my day.

The designers have only three collections, but still, cooperativedesigns has conquered the fashion market by storm and caught lots of honors and reputations.

The terrific feedback seems to quicken the Ex St. Martin´s students.

In my opinion, the AW 08/09 collection is their strongest, most creative and most outstanding creative output so far. So, the outlook on winter becomes really tolerable:but still, dear nature, please don´t forget to interpose an hot and sunny summer.