- Jun 26, 2013
Integrating children and toddlers into marketing campaigns is a fantastic way to infuse innocence and youthful references into an advertisement, and these clever child-focused ads are some great examples of how showcasing kids can make a bold visual impression.

There's something sincerely striking about seeing children put in ordinary adult situations, whether it is because they seem much more impressionable or easily influenced by certain actions, these child-focused ads are nonetheless images that will stop a person in their tracks. From second-hand smoking ads that feature little toddlers to toy campaigns showcasing frightened children, these creative child-focused ads are integrating a much more youthful technique to engage viewers on a deeper level.

A change from the more ordinary adult-themed campaigns, these child-focused ads are demonstrating just how influential showcasing children can be.

From Cardboard Robot Food Ads to Windblown Kid Face Ads: