These Ving Travel Agency Ads Do Away with Drooling Distractions

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
How useful would the cut and paste commands be in real life? These Ving Travel Agency ads try them on for size in the safety of these two amusing photographs. Targeting parents who seldom get a break from the antics of their attention-consuming youngsters, this campaign suggests a much-needed escape to Sunprime Resorts.

"Adults only," is the sole listed condition of the enticing offer, but the image within each print still pictures parents with their children keeping close. In the first photo staged by the 358 advertising agency of Helsinki, a man and wife share a romantic dinner together, only to be joined by their spaghetti-throwing infant son. The second of the Ving Travel Agency ads depicts a woman reposing on the pool deck next to her screaming and splashing kids. In both cases, the ankle biters and their associated activities are being playfully excised from the pictures with a dotted line and scissors.