From Sad Puppy-Eyed Ads to Posh Pup Commercials

 - Jun 9, 2012
Considered to be man's best friend, these charming canine campaigns indicate Fido is full of adorable and enticing humor. While cats may be dominating the viral video scene, these beloved hounds are captivating the hearts of marketers with their noble demeanors.

Dogs have been bred and owned by humans for centuries as workers, hunters and comrades. Many consumer households have owned a canine companion, thus the sentimental and relatable pet is hard to ignore. Advertisers are creating awe-inspiring puppy productions, proving dogs are capable of acting, singing and modeling -- talk about a triple threat. While a singing male quartet is pleasing to the ears, it is hard to compete with the cute factor of a full-blown doggy orchestra -- complete with bells and barks.

These charming canine campaigns will suck you in with their puppy-eyed stares and lovable smiles.