These Date-a-Dog Ads Invite Aspiring Puppy Owners to Adopt

 - May 27, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
A polite greeting between hounds is considered anything but such as far as human formalities go, and for this very reason these Date-a-Dog ads succeed at attracting the attention of anyone willing to give a mongrel the time of day.

The Eigen Fabrikaat advertising agency of the Netherlands designed this clever campaign in which well-groomed people are down on all fours, sniffing out the rear end of an adjacent canine. This peculiar pictures is a witty way to strike some common ground between man and his best friend, with the hope that compassionate aspiring owners will decide to adopt a pup in need.

The tagline of each print states "Give a shelter dog a new home. Come sniff them out," giving the Date-a-Dog ads consistent imagery for the introduction of master and mutt.