The Amigos dos Bichos Ads Reprimand Animal Abandonment

 - Mar 26, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
One may not be directly harming one's house pet, but as these Amigos dos Bichos ads point out, withholding your critter's basic needs or abandoning him altogether are just as bad as a physical beating.

Designed by the Oxxy Propaganda creative agency, these prints present a visual illusion at first glance. With a view of a couch in a modern living room and a bench on a dark sidewalk, the observer may be lead to think the campaign is emphasizing seating, when really the focus takes a little more optical deciphering.

Hidden within the cream-colored shaggy carpet is a sad-looking terrier, and sitting up against an ashen stone wall is a lonely stray dog. Reminding pet owners to care for their little critters, the Amigos dos Bichos ads force what's often hidden into the foreground.