From Candy-Scented Soaps to Caffeinated Soap Bars

 - Dec 10, 2009   Updated: Jun 15 2011
Soap is essential to smelling good, wiping dirt off, and getting dates. All kinds of soap are out on the market now. Body soap, face soap, and basically all-over-the-place soap is readily available for anyone hoping to wipe away all that funk: I can't believe I am still talking about the value of soap.

From candy-scented soaps to caffeinated soap bars, check out all these cleansing soaps.

Implications - Consumers are no longer satisfied with everyday items that only provide function. The desire for practical items that also entertain is increasing in the modern-day customer who has been exposed to a multitude of innovations. Companies could integrate an element of whimsy into all of their products to please those looking for more than just practicality.