Bubbletologist Samsam Bubbleman is a Solution Specialist

 - Aug 7, 2009   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: dailymail
Samsam Bubbleman (I love his name), also known as Sam Heath, is a "bubbletologist," a job that is best known as a professional bubble maker.

In the past, Samsam Bubbleman has created what was regarded as the world’s largest free-floating soap bubble. The 37-year-old bubbletologist has traveled the world making bubbles for celebrities.

The secret to his bubble making skills? Samsam Bubbleman says it’s "all about having the right bubble solution."

Implications - All about having the right bubble? Bubbleman makes it seem so simple. As a kid, it was always my goal to create bubbles bigger than anyone around me, whether they were my friend or not. I usually failed and eventually stopped trying. That's probably why my last name isn't Bubbleman. Check out these incredible bubbles and transport yourself back to the halcyon days of your youth.