Sexy Lynxx LASS Squad Ad

 - Mar 27, 2008
References: adrants
Surely you've heard of the fashion police, a style-savvy gang who arrest people for committing fashion crimes, such as tucking their pants into their socks when banking. You imagine they would be sexy, but have you heard of the soap police?

If not, you've been missing out, but Lynx (AKA Axe) is happy to bring these babes to the forefront of your attention.

"Framed like a COPS episode, two Lynx girls, dressed in police uniforms you wish actual police officers (female ones, that is) wore all the time prowl for guys who use regular bar soap as if it were a crime," AdRants explains.

"The usual innuendos such as 'unit 34-24-34, "d'o you roger? I certainly do' and 'love it when these situations have a happy ending' fill the video as the girls accost a guy in his home, arrest him, strip search him and then get in the shower with him to administer a proper cleansing.

After watching the video you have to wonder if this isn't counterproductive as an ad. Wouldn't this make guys want to use crappy soap in hope that one of these uniformed vixens comes by to handcuff them while naked in the shower?