From Puzzling Keyboard Games to Ensnared Wine Games

 - Jan 25, 2012
Give your noggin a work out with anyone of these bewildering brain teasers. If you've been pining for a good noodle scratcher, than look no further than these perplexing puzzles. Wow your friends by solving a souped up version of a Rubik's Cube or hone your budding sudoku skills with a touch screen version. No matter what your intellectual poison, there is a bewildering brain teaser for you.

From pixelated engaging enigmas to paper-craft puzzlers, there is a bewildering brain teaser for every skill set and interest. Sure to get the wheels in your head turning, these fantastic puzzles are sure to keep you happily occupied on long rainy days. Keep your cranium in tip top shape and stretch to the edge of reason with these powerful perplexers.

Confusing, invigorating and wonderfully creative, these bewildering brain teasers will keep you coming back for more.