Record Monsters are Made of Recycled Vinyl Records

 - Mar 29, 2011
References: recordmonsters & kickstarter
Andrew Hyde and Matthew Wettergreen have teamed up to start up Record Monsters, a small company that makes 3D models out of old vinyl records. The two entrepreneurs have some impressive creds and collective experience . They posted their Record Monsters idea on the Kickstarter website in order to raise funds to buy a laser cutter for their project. Backers will receive their own Record Monster model, or models, depending on the level of support that they provide.

Record Monsters has twenty 3D vinyl puzzle designs. The parts for each design are cut from disused vinyl records. The precut records are then shipped to the enduser (you) who pops the pieces out of their record prison and gives them new life by assembling them as an awesome 3D sculpture. Not only are you entertained and pleased by your own handiwork, you’re using stuff that would otherwise be thrown away to make art. How cool is THAT?