Leo by Canine Genius

 - Oct 28, 2007
References: caninegenius & coolhunting
What is your ankle-biting Chihuahua trying to tell you when he gnaws up yet another cashmere sweater? He needs affection? Attention? Or maybe, just maybe, the poor thing is trying to say, "Get me a Leo chew toy, you idiot!"

However your dog goes about communicating its desires, Canine Genius has the solution to at least one of their desires. The Leo is the ultimate chew toy named affectionately after Leonardo Da Vinci (he is spinning in his grave at the thought of a chew toy being named after him!)

The uber model of all dog toys can be used to tug, throw, dispense treats, and challenge the mental capabilities of Tinkerbell. Leo is available for heavy chewers, and a smaller, lighter model called Leo Mini is available for your lap sized little darling.

"What makes the Leo different is that it can be linked to multiple other Leos. You can create puzzles and shapes that also allow treats that are stuffed inside to move around inside one piece to the other," Cool Hunting said.

Ah, finally a sigh of relief can be breathed by cashmere-loving dog owners.