Lovemachine Condom Ad

 - Feb 29, 2008
References: & adsneeze
Here's a sexy, silly ad from my hometown. Ad agency, Jung von Matt/Alster in Hamburg, Germany created this condom ad which features images of a women's bodies baring puzzles.

One girl has a connect-the-dots design around her navel. Another ad features a Sudoku grid on a female's lower back, and a third has a crossword puzzle above her rear.

The idea behind it is that the condoms are designed to make the guy last longer. Instead of distracting himself by thinking of other things, or multi-tasking by doing puzzles like the one on the women's bodies, he could just use a Lovemachine condom.

“Give longer. Take longer. â€" Lovemachine condoms. For a longer erection.”

Told you it was silly.

Was the campaign inspired by this tattoo?