Don't Break the Bottle Puzzle Holds the Wine Hostage Until it is Solved

 - Nov 11, 2011
References: familygamesamerica & incrediblethings
If you’re keen to make your guests work for their alcohol this holiday season, simply slide their favorite vino into the outrageous Don’t Break the Bottle puzzle and watch the drama unfold. With such a coveted prize on the line, your friends and family will have no choice but to buckle down and work together in order to win the intoxicating treat.

Designed to inspire a few giggles and a whole lot of hilarious frustration, the Don’t Break the Bottle puzzle is a real ice breaker. The intricate puzzle of snug wooden locks and intimidating bungee cord-like material must be unlocked in order for the party to win the contents of the bottle. Exercise good anger management skills and the wine will be yours, if you give in to your frustration you’ll break the bottle and be the buzz-kill of the evening.

Sure to make any probation officer smile, the Don’t Break the Bottle puzzle will have booze hounds everywhere wracking their brains for a solution.