Thomas Pavitte Connects the Dots to Create Michael Jackson's Face

In need of a brain teaser? Connect-the-dot wizard Thomas Pavitte has got the remedy with his intense 'Transformation Series.' You may think connect-the-dot puzzles are only for preschoolers with a taste for paste, but you've never encountered a puzzle quite like this. Not only does it create a fairly realistic rendition of a human face, it replicates the subject's facial features throughout the course of his life. What's more astounding is this subject is Michael Jackson, and no matter how you slice it, that's one complex transformation to convey in a series of numbered dots.

To watch Thomas Pavitte blow his way through a fifty-year long transformation of a surgery-happy celebrity is nothing short of mind-bending. With skill and certainty, his pencil flies across the dots without hesitation. Thomas Pavitte has opened a new and exciting chapter in the world of portraiture, providing a medium with the mass appeal of paint by numbers, but with a healthy dose of style and thought.