'Dchipherart' Puzzles the People with His Pictures

 - Jul 8, 2011
References: dcipherart.wordpress
Combining art and puzzles results in the work of ‘dcipherart’ a site that regularly posts various art pieces that each have a unique riddle or image to decipher. If the readers who attempt to solve each art piece are unable to crack the code, the site usually hands out a hint to help people out. It is almost like finding a super secret night club or being part of an exclusive social club. The puzzles themselves remind me of an old childhood favorite called ‘Magic Eye.’ I used to frequently collect 'Magic Eye' and figuring them out was half of the fun, but owning them as a dizzyingly beautiful print on my wall was also great.

So, whether you can actually solve the puzzles (dont’ worry about the time it takes you) , ‘dcipherart’ forces you to use your brain in a way you may not have been used to.