Get Smart During Relief

 - May 28, 2007
References: iwantoneofthose & iwantoneofthose
No longer waste your time in the little boys room reading the back of shampoo or deoderant bottles. Educate yourself with the ultimate toilet roll.

The product page describes, "Now you can while away the time with some great brain teaser tests that will always be close at hand. From some mathematical gymnastics, to classic Sudoku, the Mind Trainer Loo Roll has some great brain-bending puzzles to keep your brain ticking and stop you reading the same joke book for the fortieth time."

A toilet roll with 10 different puzzles/games imprinted onto it:
1. Sudoku
2. Memory trials word version
3. Strip talking
4. Memory Trials with numbers
5. Brain exercises
6. Count the colours
7. More math
8. Ladders
9. Mental arithmetic
10. Stroop.