Gerhard Mayer Creates Epic Collages Using Jigsaw Puzzles

 - Apr 20, 2011
References: gerhard-mayer & odditycentral
Gerhard Mayer is a German artist who creates incredible collages out of jigsaw puzzles. Mayer assembles each collage piece by piece using only the original colors of the pieces to create his epic works of art.

Mayer uses a special technique that involves layering pieces on top of already completed sections to create a new image. These collages are massive with some measuring up to 54-feet long and covering up entire gallery walls. I find this art extraordinary because I don't even have the patience to complete one jigsaw puzzle. I can't begin to fathom how creative and patient you have to be to create one of these gigantic jigsaw collages. You can check out Gerhard Mayer's work in the featured gallery.