From Flying Baby Photos to Logo-Branded Infant Snapshots

 - Nov 27, 2012
Baby photography is something that is always able to pull at your heartstrings and cause you to "oh and awe" uncontrollably.

Viewing candid photos of newborn babies nestled inside of a patterned bucket or wrapped in swaddling cloth dangling peacefully from a tree creates a special bond. Though the baby might not be your child, the image of the serene youthful face rouses a maternal/paternal instinct, making the captured image of the infant the object of your affection.

Babies are the most entertaining individuals to photograph. They can be dressed up in cuddly knitted toques, embarrassing frog costumes or just be in a onesie and look adorable no matter if they are crying, sleeping or staring back angrily. Anne Geddes baby photography showcases some of the most picturesque infant portraits. She captures the peaceful adolescent innocence of the child surrounded by the beauty of nature and comforting environments.