Susan Anderson Illustrates the Craze of Beauty Pageants

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: highglitz & sweet-station
The portrait documentary series by Susan Anderson titled 'High Glitz' takes an in depth look at the world of toddler beauty pageants. The images come from several pageants from all across America, capturing in vivid detail the amount of time and effort that is put into making these young girls look as glamorous as possible.

The pictures capture the somewhat bizarre subculture and craze that surrounds toddler beauty pageants. Young girls are encouraged to place an enormous emphasis on appearance and image. As quoted from, "the beauty pageants represent a strange microcosm of America itself. Our own values of beauty, success and glamour reflected in the dreams of thousands of young girls."

While many of the pictures portray young girls smiling, one can witness a hint of boredom, frustration and angst behind the facade of maintained elegance.