The Alexandra Klever 'Mixed Emotions' Series Features Wistful Moments

 - Mar 26, 2012
Alexandra Klever's 'Mixed Emotions' series captures the frequently vacillating range of infantile emotion. The images display the less jovial childhood emotions of fear, embarrassment, dismay, sadness and utter shock. While toddlers are bundles of joy, this collection showcases of some of the more dejected childhood moments, and provides a further testimony to some of the perils of parenthood and the ageing process in general.

Featured in plain white camisoles, the intense young faces all give away some sense of dissatisfaction. While the sources of their woes are unknown, viewers get the sense that as is often the case with infants, their trials will all be fleeting, soon to be replaced with a smile and a laugh. Nonetheless, this direction in distressed infant photography is revolutionary in its promotion of the more tumultuous childhood moments.