From Toddler Tea Cup Photography to Flying Baby Photography

 - Jun 11, 2013
These adorable infant photography collections depict babies at their absolute cutest.

Some of these photo collections are derived from internet memes, while others are professional shoots for high-end brands. Regardless, every single collection is the pinnacle of adorableness. The toddler tea cup photography is a popular meme wherein parents photograph their infants while holding a tea cup above them. The resulting photos make it look as if the babies were actually inside the tea cups. For adults who feel nostalgic for their baby years, the hilarious reenacted baby pics are the perfect way to relive the past. This series depicts adults reenacting their most ridiculous baby photos. Needless to say, the adult photos are a lot less cute than their baby counterparts.

These infant photography collections are sure to put a smile on even the most downcast of faces. Whether someone's having a bad day at work or school, or simply needs a healthy dose of cuteness, these baby photography collections will definitely brighten up a dreary day.