The Beard My Baby 2.0 Cures all Cases of Baby Beardlessness

 - Jan 16, 2013
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Apparently there is a huge epidemic of baby beardlessness going around and the Beard My Baby 2.0 app is here to lend a hand in these times of perilous struggle.

Does your baby lack facial hair? Are you ashamed of your baby's bald chin? The guys at want you to know that this is a common condition and that studies show that "1 out of every 1 baby born today will be beardless." These numbers are clearly horrifying, but with this life-saving app, you no longer need to worry about public ridicule.

Any and all photos of your infant can be instantly beardified with the Beard My Baby 2.0 app in any beard style you want, so that the outside world will never know that your baby suffers from beardlessness.