Dan Cuellar Presents Newborns in a Tranquil Slumber

 - Feb 27, 2012
References: flickr & huffingtonpost
The serenity of a newborn's sleep is adorable and heart-melting, and in the lens of Dan Cuellar, inspiring as well.

Dan Cuellar is a photographer based in Philadelphia, who has a keen interest in photographing newborns. Their natural cuteness and inability to do much at that age is what continues to fuel his passion in capturing them asleep. His sleeping baby collection features babies swaddled relaxingly in various fabrics, which gives the illusion of a truly precious gift from the skies. Others are seen resting their sleepy heads on their little fists, while one little guy is caught in a dazed and dreamy pose.

Patience is the key to successfully capturing a newborn's tranquil sleep says Cuellar. The results of this sleeping baby collection are priceless and worth the wait.