Kelley Ryden Photographs Tiny Babies in Grown Up Poses

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: kelleyryden & whitezine
Calling these infant photos captured by Kelley Ryden "adorable" almost seems like an understatement. With the kind of intimate moments this Nebraska, United States born photographer is able to capture between baby and camera, these pictures seem simply unreal.

I suppose that as a mother of three, Kelley Ryden is more than comfortable around children, but to capture these kind of close-up moments would almost require her to be an invisible onlooker so to not disrupt these ethereal sleeping babies. While Kelley Ryden only began photographing infants in 2003, she has a natural ability to capture these babies in their dreamlands in picture-perfect poses. Any family would be more than fortunate to be able to work with Kelley Ryden.

Implications - The untouched innocence that babies and young infants behold is something that is held in high regard in society. The soft spot that this innocence represents can be felt within the heart of many adults, and therefore acts as a lucrative avenue for businesses to explore. Companies who show their compassion for children and create baby-safe products will always have a place in society.