From Social Media Soothers to Whiskered Baby Accessories

 - Aug 20, 2013
These hilarious baby pacifiers give parents just another reason to smile when they look at their baby.

Soothers are generally simple accessories used just to calm a crying baby, and adding some lighthearted humor will definitely make your kid stand out. If you're a huge fan of mustaches, or you want your kid to participate in Movember, there are pacifiers that have either long stemmed whiskers or are inspired by the hipster look -- your baby boy will look so cute as a mini-man. There's no denying that parents need some relief when their baby cries nonstop, a pacifier that says "mute button" is a funny way to quiet down their kid. Finally, some babies are definitely the pampered princesses of their little group of friends, so why not splurge on some luxury pacifiers?

Whichever soother you choose to go with, they'll make extremely funny pictures to show your babies when they're all grown up.