From Helicopter Hotel Rooms to Immersive Sci-Fi Hotels

 - Aug 27, 2017
From helicopter hotel rooms to immersive sci-fi hotels, the August 2017 travel trends reveal a growing demand for unique and off-beat accommodations. Indeed, in the age of Airbnb, staying in a basic hotel room is no longer enough for the new generation of experience-focused travelers.

For travelers who demand something truly unique, there are a number of unique spaces that have been transformed into luxurious and comfortable accommodations. One example is a decommissioned Royal Navy ZA127 Sea King, that has been converted into a cozy guest house on a farm in Stirling, Scotland. Another example is an old flight deck at Stolkholm's Arlanda airport, which has been updated to create a luxury suite for travelers.

However, travelers don't necessarily need to go off the beaten path to find unique accommodations. Indeed, the August 2017 travel trends reveal that many hotels are now offering novelty suites for those who are looking for something different. One example is Disney's new Star Wars Hotel, which will offer highly immersive rooms that bring scenes from the fantasy film to life.