From Specialized Office Yoga Programs to Athletic Health Apps

 - Apr 29, 2017
If the shoe fits, then one shouldn't hesitate to wear it, but the April 2017 fitness ideas demonstrate that if the fitness shows, then people will be all the more ready to kick it. Fitness inspires confidence, and that's why gyms and fitness strategies have accrued to appease people of all interests — not just the stereotype of the well-muscled jock who inspired both fawning admiration and secret loathing in high school.

Liberation Barbell, for example, is a "vegan gym" in Portland, Oregon, that preaches a safe space for "any body regardless of age, race, ability, gender identity, sexuality, current health, or size." The vegan aspect comes in in the relation between nutrition and fitness. While most gyms advocate for eating protein through dairy, eggs, and meat, Liberation Barbell offers vegan diets to achieve the same results.