From Faith Inspired Sex Toys to Meat Flavored Lube

 - Dec 19, 2009   Updated: Jul 5 2011
Maybe the holiday season has got you feeling a little bit naughty? Perhaps you want to get something for that special someone in your life that is, shall we say, not something you would get for Grandma. Well, take a look through these 50 Adults-Only Gift Ideas, which includes everything from Faith Inspired Sex Toys to Meat Flavored Lube. Something in here is bound to inspire you.

Implications - Sexual content has made a drastic move from the private sphere to the public one as the younger generation continues to embark on a sexual revolution, whereby clothing choices and imagery that were once considered taboo are increasingly acceptable. In the business world, this revolution has signified the rapid rise of the sex-toy industry. Whether for practicality or comedy, sex-related products are popular gift ideas as well as personal possessions as they allow for the public to explore their fantasies in a shameless and acceptable way.