LoveHoney Collects Used Vibrators

 - Aug 19, 2007
References: treehugger
Mandatory recycling laws in Europe state that you can't throw out any electronic devices, and that includes your vibrator! Just like there's a special depot for dropping off used batteries or old computers, there's a depot in the U.K. designated strictly for sex toys. It makes sense -- there are components that are hazardous to the environment if thrown out, so in our ever-greening world, it's perfectly acceptable and responsible that people are recycling their old buzzing companions.

It's a little bizarre, but overall it is a good thing. UK company, LoveHoney, who handles the disposal of electronic love gadgets, is a pioneer in an industry that has potential to become the next big thing in environmental conservation. "We take the used vibrators to a Designated Collection Facility (DCF)," said Ruth Wilkinson. "There the vibrators will be stripped of components that can be reused - these would most likely be resold. Printed circuit boards, which many vibrators feature, contain hazardous metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury." 43% of Americans have used a vibrator according to Durex, so there's definitely an abundance of them out there.

All LoveHoney asks is that, before dropping off used goods, customers give them a good cleaning.

Hey, they're going to continue making sex toys, so they may as well make them eco-friendly. As long as they're sterile, who cares, right? I just pity the people who have to handle them; hopefully they'll have a quality sanitizer on site! The process is raunchy for depot employees, and could be a little disturbing to some consumers, but everyone can indulge in the long-term pleasure of knowing that kinky purchases actually give back to Mother Nature!