Muji Tenga Eggs Come in Six Packs Wrapped in Foil

 - Feb 10, 2009
Next up on Entertainment Tonight: "Zack and Miri Make an Omelet" or "Zak and Miri Harvest Sperm."

Japanese designers love to make useful and desirable products into works of design inventiveness. Otherwise, why would they take a product like a male pleasure producer and make it look like an egg? Peel the egg and inside is lube to be poured into the egg, then hump to your hard’s content.

Fleshlights work well, urm, I’ve been told, but putting them in the fridge doesn’t. Then again, putting the Master-bur-egg (I just made that up) in the fridge doesn’t make sense. Does any of this make sense? Didn’t think so. Next up on Oprah: Getting jiggy with motor oil.