- Jul 25, 2012
Your neighborhood parks have got nothing on these peculiar playgrounds, filled with adventurous obstacles and whimsical details. Colorful plastic slides and sky-high swings are looking far-out futuristic these days.

The countless hours spent playing on the jungle gym have inspired multiple designers to push the boundaries when it comes to creating recreational parks. Whether it's bringing these childlike designs into offices or imagining swashbuckling climbers, playground designs have gone far beyond the traditional slides and see-saws. Some peculiar playgrounds have been moved off the land, suspended in aerial locations or mounted on floating, seaside islands.

These recreational climbers are designed to stimulate your sensory systems and bring communities together through active playtime. Although the playground's upbringing is wholesome and childlike, these peculiar playgrounds break creative limits and bring smiles to all ages.

From Offbeat Jungle Gyms to Sliding NYC Condos: