The i-Play

 - Aug 5, 2008
References: intelligentplay & popsci
This innovative playground system is set to revolutionize the way kids play in the schoolyard or park. The iPlay intelligent play system is meant to lure children off the coach and away from TV and their video games to encourage motion and exercise. Playdale, the company that developed the system in the UK, sees this it as a preventative tool for childhood obesity. Another selling feature is that the i-Play is completely solar powered!

How does it work? The computer controlled i-Play system calls out directions to the kids to either push, pull, spin, or stomp on a flashing orange and blue switch, the faster you complete your round the more point you get. The game ends when you get through all 5 levels, or you use up your 3 'lives'. The i-Play web site even maintains a 'virtual league' so kids can view the scores of others.

The system is 7' high and 20' in diameter and according to Popular Science, costs approximately $45,000.
It must built like a tank, they way that little boy in the last picture is putting the boots to it.