The Ball Pit by SoulPancake is a Comfortable Space to Meet People

The Ball Pit by SoulPancake is a public place where strangers can make new friends. Early on in life, it's easier to bond with people, but as one gets older friend-making can become difficult. This inspired SoulPancake to create a space where people could get back to their childhood roots and make friends.

People were a little confused when they saw a ball pit sitting on a street corner, but some were open to the idea and hopped right in. Once two people were in the ball pit, some of the spheres had topics such as, "Who inspires you?" and "What's on your bucket list?" to spark conversation. Once people got talking they began bonding and two people even found out that they both had fake teeth.

The Ball Pit by SoulPancake gave people the proper space to not feel awkward about talking to new people.