Eurythmics and JimmyJane in “Let's Do It Again”

 - Dec 14, 2008
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What happens when a relatively obscure musician like Dave Stewart (Eurythmics...and yes, I had to look it up) teams up with a virtual sex shop like JimmyJane? A music video featuring the lead singer having fun with a vibrator.

I guess you’ll just have to watch it now, won’t you?

There's nothing groundbreaking about throwing your favorite tunes when getting down to the business of naughty, but by my calculations, this is the first time a vibrator has starred in a music video. "Let's Do It Again" is a brilliant marketing tactic to sell a product that, frankly, sells itself.

The vibrator itself comes engraved with song lyrics, just in case you forget the lyrics while your singing into your vibrator like a mic.