the Lamborghini of Vibrators

 - Feb 21, 2007
References: jimmyjane & designcrack
This is full-on, hardcore design crack. The "Little Something" is the Lamborghini of vibrators. The concept is quite simply perfection: create an erotic toy that is highly functional, viscerally pleasing, and a highly sought after. It's functional in that you will never have to buy another vibrator again. It has a patented removable motor that can be easily replaced. It's viscerally pleasing for obvious reasons. And, It's highly sought after (I'm assuming) because of it's exclusivity. The platinum edition is limited to 1,000 pieces. You can also have the vibrator engraved with something special for your loved one. It's exclusivity, simplicity and design has really made it a great gift for those maybe a bit more timid about exploring their sexuality by removing the raunchy stigma of the red light porn shop.